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Total Grant & Major GiftFunding to USD #469

2015-2016 School Year



Funded Educate the Pride Grants 2015-2016

Total Mini Grants Awarded $20,646.00

Elementary School: Kindergarten Listening Center

Jennah Ernzen $300.00

To support Kindergarten Listening Centers through new Children’s Headphones and new Listening Libraries by Scholastic Reading.


Elementary School: Conscious Discipline (Loving Guidance)

Trisha Croley & Pam Elliot $957.00

To help give all children the skills they are missing so they can get past barriers and learn. Conscious Discipline especially helps the students that have had lots of challenges. To coincide with Kansas Social, Emotional, Character Development Standards. These standards were, “designed to keep children safe and successful while developing their academic and life skills.”


Elementary School: Ed-ZOO-cational Educating Science through Real World Application

Barb Robinson, Caress Counts & 2nd Grade Team $475.00

To bring the Magical World of Animals Zoo Mobile, Food Chain Mystery and Zoo to you Assembly to Lansing Elementary School for all 2nd grade students. This grant enhances 2nd grade science curriculum. The KC Zoo ambassadors will be coming to Lansing Elementary School to teach about life cycles, food chains and different animals in their environments. Bringing the Zoo to school.


Elementary School: Engineering On Site Field Trip

Andrea Rothmeyer & 3rd Grade Team $950.00

Students will each build a motorized race car using LEGO kits. Students build, motorize and drive their machine in only 75 minutes. They will cooperatively build and modify machines exhibiting basic engineering principles while using critical thinking and collaboration skills.


Elementary School: Literature Based Math

Connie Evans & Jeremy Farr $750.00

To purchase literature math books. Increasing math skills with a link to literacy provides students real world application and connection. This also helps students process the skills better and have a reference point to grow from in the math program. Forming a connection to real word situations put meaning to why we need to learn math and why we need to apply it.


Elementary School: Click to Learn

Janae Beahan $475.00

To purchase a class set of 34 Clickers. All in Learning Clickers will allow students to actively engage their answers and see instant feedback. Teachers are able to use their instant feedback to make smart instructional decisions. This will help increase efficiency for re-teaching skills.


Elementary School: Mad Science

Brandi Lynn, Suzanne Phillips $1,000.00

Mad Science of Greater KC is a science enrichment provider that encourages innovative thinking! The fun science booths included will be instructed by, “Mad Scientists,” who will help students question and apply their knowledge of science to fund experiments and activities. Students will see science applications with electricity, states of matter, inquiry thinking and much more!


Elementary School: K-2 Reading Room

MaryAnne Austin, Afton Shelley, Erin Ardon, Kindergarten, First Grade and 2nd Grade $5,000.00

This grant is to establish a Literacy Resource Room of leveled books that Kindergarten through Second Grade teachers can use for their guided reading groups. The range in reading ability has become greater at Lansing Elementary School. This type of resource room is essential for meeting the needs of all K-2 students.


Middle School: The Lions Drum Tonight (Mary Kay Pape Grant)

Kelsey Scheuerman $389.88

To purchase three Remo Tubanos in various sizes. These instruments will be used by the six choirs at LMS, in addition to the two Music Appreciation Classes. To enhance musical opportunities for LMS students.


Middle School: Helping Hands

Jennifer Kolb & Stephanie Major $990.00

The “Helping Hands” grant provides manipulatives that allow students to complete engineering activities to translate a model on paper to a real life creation. “Helping Hands” lesson is designed to familiarize students with engineering as a process. Students will design, analyze, test and redesign a product using the materials contained in the little bits kits. As part of this process students will have the opportunity to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the model design, create a product based on a model, test the product, and make necessary revisions to a product or justify why revisions to the original design are not required.


High School: Exploring Robotics

Kathy Ray $478.95

To purchase Lego EV3. Before this grant there was no opportunity to work with robotics at the high school. Lego robotics teams and competitions are common in many high schools and a basic robotics set gave interested students access to rudimentary skills which could encourage interest in one or more of these skills as a career path. This grant allows students to explore the possibilities of robotics.


High School: Kansas City Repertory Theatre Field Trip

Maeve Bolin $500.00

To send Freshman Pre-AP English students to see Blueprints to Freedom at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre at UMKC. Taking a field trip to see this play will expand students’ understanding of the Civil Rights movement by introducing an unfamiliar hero and presenting his story through stage adaptation.


High School: Career Choices Curriculum

Mariah Neff & Jamie Pollard $990.04

The coursework laid out in this curriculum will help freshman level special education students learn to project in to the future and understand the consequences of today’s choices and actions. It will help them to understand how education, training and career choice can impact their personal lifestyle. This curriculum will personalize outcomes such as education, employment and independent living skills.


High School: LHS Literary Lions

Heather Waters & Casey McCord $960.14

This grant will allow students to create and publish a professional quality literary magazine to highlight student work in the following categories: poetry, short stories, artwork, photography, and graphic design. Students will gain experience with creating for an audience and have the opportunity to see their work in a published collection. Copies of these magazines will be sold for $4 each to cover costs of creating future literary magazines with the goal of having one edition each year to highlight the best of Lansing High School.


Lansing Special Education: “Oh the place you will go…Job Fair”

Lansing Transitions Team: $2284.00

As a culminating activity for special education students and to increase the number of successful employment outcomes for students with special needs post graduation a Job Fair will be held at the University of Saint Mary. Students participating include Lansing Special Education Students at Lansing High School, New Beginnings students and LINCS students. Sessions will include, interviewing, resume, application, professional dress, communication, networking, payroll, credit, time management and workplace interaction skills.


Lansing Special Education: Learning with the Senses (Autism Fund Grant)

Terri Dominick & Jason Curley $1,000.00

This project enhances the Sensory Room in the Lansing Special Education Administrative Building that houses Early Childhood, New Beginnings and the Severe Autism Classroom. The program enhances district curriculum by helping students get in a state where they are ready to learn and be fully engaged in the curriculum.


Lansing Special Education: Solving the real world Puzzle! (Autism Fund Grants)

Jason Curley $437.20

To teach social and functional skills effectively in the sever autism room by purchasing social skills curriculum, survival signs program, News 2 You and Task Galore for the real word!


School of New Beginnings: Correlating Common Core with Curriculum

Vera Kodaseet $469.80

To purchase the Learning A-Z online program which offers online instruct that adapts to learning needs and a built in motivation sequence to engage students. The program focuses on informational text, deep integration of reading and writing, vocabulary development, text dependent questions and use of more complex text.


School of New Beginnings: Differentiated Instruction

Jennifer Mendez & Tonya Arias $540.00

To purchase Differentiation Across Content Areas Professional Dvelopment Grade K-12 Program which provides materials and activities for students in accordance with Common Core State Standards.


School of New Beginnings: Integrating Mathematics with Language Arts

Sue and Kline $500.00

The purpose of this grant is to integrate mathematics with language arts. Children’s books that teach math concepts and the corresponding manipulative. Mathematics integration with reading and language arts helps students connect mathematics with the real world.


LINCS: Read To Me Please

Linda Tekuelve & Kelli Denney $198.99

This grant is to purchase a readingpen2 portable reading tutor. This pen scans words and text and converts the text into speech. Student with a limited reading ability have difficulty reading for information or directions. With the use of this pen students will be able to access information without the assistance of a staff member allowing the students to be more independent.


Early Childhood: Play to Learn

Lori Daly & Keri Litewski $1,000.00

This grant provides early childhood students with a variety of props and materials that are needed to create and enhance multiple dramatic play experiences. It is through dramatic play that children learn how to have cooperative and meaningful social interactions, setting them up for success both in the classroom and in their daily lives.

Funded Building Grants 2015-2016

Total Building Grants Awarded $1,000.00


Lansing Elementary School K-2
LES K-2 Counseling Library 
Grant Award $500.00


Lansing Middle School
Challenge Day
Grant Award $500.00



Funded Art Program Grants 2015-2016

Total Art Program Grants Awarded $1,106.00



Funded Major Gifts 2015-2016

Grand Piano for New LHS Auditorium $15,000.00

Lion Pride Statue $2,775.00


Total Major Gifts Awarded $17,775.00



Lansing Teacher of the Year & Educational Support Professional of the Year Grant



Total Funded Additional Autism Program Grants $6,108.91




Materials purchased with grant funds remain at the building and are property of the Lansing School District.